Art Collecting Today by Doug Woodham

2. Art Collecting Today: Market Insights
For Everyone Passionate about Art (2017)

AUTHOR: Doug Woodham | PUBLISHER:Allworth

Informative book, especially for art collectors who have a million dollars to invest. For more modest investors, the information may not be quite as relevant.

 The Art of Buying Art by Alan Bamberger

3.The Art of Buying Art: How to evaluate
And buy art like a professional collector (2019)

AUTHOR: Alan Bamberger | PUBLISHER: Robinson

Long read with much information. For an experienced collector, much of the information is familiar. There a few novel insights.

A Poor Collector's Guide ti Buying Great Art by Austin Kleon

4. A Poor Collector's Guide to Buying Great Art

AUTHOR: Erling Kagge | PUBLISHER: Gestalten

An interesting book, although the title is misleading. He is not a poor collector and his advice is not really directed to the poor collector. But is "poor collector" an oxymoron.

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More (2013)  by Ethan and Thea Wagner

5. Collecting Art for Love, Money and More (2013)

AUTHORS: Ethan and Thea Wagner | PUBLISHER:Phaidon Press

The authors are New York City art consultants, and the book reflects this regional perspective. New York is the center of the American art market, but it is a microcosm that most people have difficult to relate to. For most non-New York collectors, the information loses it relevance.

Art Dealer's Field Guide by Ron Davis

6. Art Dealer's Field Guide: How to Profit
In Art, Buying and Selling Valuable Paintings (2009)

AUTHOR: Ron Davis| PUBLISHER: Capital Letters Press

Although the book is a bit dated, there are informative sections on such subjects as provenance and legal issues.

Legal Guide to Buying and Selling Art and Collectibles by Armen Vartian

7. Legal Guide to Buying and Selling Art and Collectibles (2003)

AUTHOR: Armen Vartian | PUBLISHER: Taylor Trade Publishing

Although published almost 20 years ago, the book is still relevant. Art collecting has changed dramatically in this time, but not the law behind it. Excellent guide especially for collectors who do business with art dealers.

The Art Hunters Handbook by Les and Sue Fox

8. The Art Hunters Handbook:
How To Buy Art For $5 And Sell It For $1,000,000 (2012)

AUTHORS: Les and Sue Fox | PUBLISHER: West Highland Fine Art

The book compares buying art to buying a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket has probably better odds, but we all can dream.

Art as an investment by Robert Lewis

9. Art as Investment: A Research Anthology From the Past 100 Years

AUTHOR: Robert Lewis

When a paintings auction off for $millions, it gives the impression that the rate of return for art is much higher that its actual rate. This book provides a realistic potential for art investing. More numbers than prose, but at least the numbers have some factual basis

Discovering Art by Jeanne Frank

10. Discovering Art: A User's Guide to the World of Collecting (1997)

AUTHOR: Jeanne Frank | PUBLISHER: Basic Books

The book was published over 20 years ago, but it is still a good overall primer on art and the art business. Although much has changed in process of collecting, little has changed in what is collected.

How to collect Great Arb by Davis Gersh

How to Create Great Art on a Shoestring
by David Gersh

Collecting art can be intimidating for new collectors, How To Collect Great Art is a good introduction to art collecting. Finish the book and you should feel comfortable visiting a gallery or bidding at an art auction. Much of the information is interlaced with the author's experience which adds to the enjoyment of the book.

The book is a quick read of 146 pages which has advantages and disadvantage. The serious collectors might consider other more in-depth books such as Allan Bamberger's, The Art of Buying Art.